Wednesday, May 25, 2011

No-Bake Cookies

We have been slacking a little bit, but for good reason.

The day we were to make cookies last week, a friend needed me to baby-sit in a pinch. I thought that was more important than baking for the week. Sometimes, the Cookie Fairies need to be of service in other ways, and that is just fine! The trick is just to be available for service in whatever form it takes.

This week we make Yummy No-Bake Cookies, but we didn't have the bags to wrap them in and I am feeling drained of energy. So I am visiting teaching tonight and will bring the cookies to my companion and the person I visit teach. Not as good as delivering them with the girls, but sometimes we got to take what we can get!

UPDATE: I ended up forgetting to take the cookies visiting teaching, so they did not get delivered. Instead I brought them to a get-together with friends where I was asked to bring a side dish or dessert. As it turns out, having homemade cookies on hand can be a wonderful thing in a pinch!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lemon-Lime Cookies

Today A and I made Lemon-Lime cookies. I actually don't think they turned out very well. They are hard and more sugar cookie like than I had anticipated. I always prefer a soft cookie!

Before we started making them, A was being a royal pill. She was grumpy and whiny, and about to drive me insane. We kneeled down for our prayer to decide who to bring the cookies to. I made sure in the prayer to specifically thank Heavenly Father for A and to express my love for her. After the prayer, she was awesome! No more whining and complaining- just a happy smile and a willingness to help! Just goes to show that when you are at your wits end, a prayer is quite possibly the needed fix!

Also as soon as the prayer was over, the name of our RS President popped into my head. That is one of the people who needs cookies today. That  made me happy, because it made me realize that no matter your position, everybody has bad days sometimes. Everybody. And hopefully cookies will help to make their day better!