Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Today A and I made Snickerdoodles. I had never made them before, but we were at a little party this morning at a friends house and she had them, so I thought: why not? They turned out well, but I am a little disappointed in my own cookie making abilities. I like a soft, chewy cookie, but once again my cookies turned out crispy. Am I using too much flour? Not enough? I will need to research this further.

I realized today while making the cookies that A forces me to do things at a slower pace. Of course, I have known this. But today while she was doing an excellent, but slow, job putting the cinnamon sugar on the balls of cookie dough, I was reminded again of how grateful I am to be a stay at home mom with her, that we get to make cookies together in an un-rushed pace, and just enjoy each others company. She is such a special daughter of God, and I love being able to spend this quality- and quantity- time with her.

We are delivering the cookies today to Grandma M, because Aunt B just moved and Grandma is sad. We will also deliver them to a lady in the ward who is dealing with shingles. My grandpa has shingles, and they are absolutely horrible, so perhaps some cookies will cheer her up.

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